Where In The World Are We?

Today, to begin our new topic ‘Where In The World Are We?’, Year Three went travelling around different countries! We had the most amazing afternoon ever, we visited America, Mexico, France, Greece and India.
On our visit to America, we ate some delicious doughnuts and made fireworks like on the 4th of July. During our time in Mexico we enjoyed some nachos and we even made our own maracas out of bowls and rice! Whilst in France, we said Bonjour to some crossaints and built 3D Eiffel Towers. Next, we visited Greece where we tasted some hummus and breadsticks, with a side of Greek head wreath making.
The last stop of our travels was to India, here we munched on some poppadoms and created our own henna designs. It is safe to say the children thoroughly enjoyed their adventures today and can’t wait to find out more about where we are in the world!