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Nursery – Counting to 10 & Story of the week

Our Nursery children have been practising comparing and recognising quantities and the changes in numbers using words such as ‘more’ ‘lots’ ‘same’ ‘too much’”. Also, attached are some pictures of the children exploring the story of the week ‘we’re going on a bear hunt’ with the learning outcomes; to begin to demonstrate an awareness of …

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Reception – Jack and the Beanstalk

The children received a sad video email from the giant in ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. Due to Jack chopping down the giant’s beanstalk, he had no way of getting home. The children decided to plant beanstalks to help the giant, get home. You may notice them growing as you walk past our window. After planting …

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EYFS – Art Week 2023

Art Week For our Art week project this term, Reception were exploring the artist Alma Thomas.  We learnt about Alma and how she was inspired by science and nature. She encouraged the children that she worked with to look closely at nature, and to create art which made them happy. Alma loved using bright, bold …

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Marks in the snow…but where do they go ?

In Reception, the children have had fun investigating and turning into trackers, researching who made the marks and tracks in the snow.

R is for Robot

This half term, the children have been exploring counting, shape and measures. During one of our maths lessons, we explored the school to see what shapes we could find and discussed what made each object that shape. Later, we read the story ‘That’s not my robot’ and used shapes to create our robots and using …

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Annual campfire and pumpkin soup experience

Every year, we celebrate the harvest and pumpkins with the children to create ‘our famous pumpkin soup’. The children created a recipe, brought the ingredients and prepared the soup; ready to be cooked on the campfire.

M is for measuring

This week the Reception children were  inspired by last weeks annual pumpkin soup and bonfire experience; to develop their knowledge about capacity . The children recalled their previous knowledge of big and small and expanded their vocabulary to include, tiny, massive, gigantic, little and petit.  The children experimented with objects from their environment and sorted …

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‘Make and Bake’ week and World Food Day

As part of our Design Technology food week,  each class was given the challenge of designing and making a dish from a country in the chosen continent.  Reception was given Europe and due to our story focus being ‘Room on the Broom’ we decided to create cheese wands using French cheese.  During the week, we …

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D&T week: Pizza making!

During Design and Technology Week, each class were asked to make a cultural dish, dedicated to their given continent.  Nursery were given Europe, so we decided to make Italian Pizza’s! The children had lots of fun throughout the week, learning about Pizza, where it’s come from and how it is made. Taste testing ingredients, design …

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W is for writing

The children have been very excited to share their knowledge of sounds this week and have been practicing their writing whenever and wherever they can.