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Hot Seating, Freeze Frames and Conscience Alley!

In Year 6, we love using drama to help us with our writing. Our focus text Varmints has enabled us to incorporate lots of different drama techniques into our English lessons. One week, we wrote a persuasive letter in our English lessons to persuade the character in our focus text Varmints to make a decision about …

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Volcano Cross-Section

This half term, we learnt about the cross-section of a composite volcano. We found out that there are lots of different parts of a volcano such as the magma chamber which is a pool of magma beneath the volcano. Another part of a volcano, is the ash cloud this occurs when there is a volcano …

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Varmints Story Boxes

This half term our class focus text in English is Varmints by Helen Ward. We have absolutely loved creating different pieces of writing each week based on this book. The illustrations and figurative language throughout the book has inspired us to create amazing story boxes based on the book. We LOVED doing this! Here are …

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Mountain, Volcano and Earthquake Entry Point!

For our Topic Entry Point in Year 6, we made our own mountains out of clay. We found out the tallest mountain of each continent and put them in order from tallest to smallest. We actually used our knowledge of place value to help us order the large numbers. The largest mountain is Mount Everest …

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Exciting Learning Coming Soon ….

Look back here in September to see all our exciting learning for 2021 – 2022.