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Reindeer Visit!

On Thursday 10th December, the children at London Colney were very lucky to be visited by Santa’s Reindeer!

Climate Zones and Biomes Entry Point

For our topic entry point, Year 4 looked at some of the different types of climate ones and biomes around the world!

Art Week – Jean-Michel Basquiat

For this art week, we have focused on the impressive collections of art created by famous black artists.

World Science Day 2020

Year 4 were celebrating World Science Day …

Year 2 Yoga!

Year 2 have started doing yoga each morning to help prepare for their learning …

World Science Day

We celebrated World Science Day with a range of activities …

Y2 Art Week

This week our school have been completing one of our annual art weeks across the school.

Romans Day

Year 4 have been learning about the Romans this term.

Diva Lamps

Year 4 have been learning about Hindu worship at home and in the Mandir. We learnt about the important aspects of Hindu beliefs in God, the different Hindu gods and goddesses, why a shrine is a special place, why Puja is important and how it is practised at home and what worship in the Mandir …

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Parliament Elections

On Friday, our pupils across the school took part in this year’s London Colney Parliament Elections.