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Crime Scene Investigators – Chromatography

Year 6 planned and carried out an experiment using chromatography. We investigated whether all black felt tip pens have the same ink and whether it would create the same pattern on our filter paper.

Harvest Week

A big thank you to those parents who came along on Wednesday morning. We had lots of fun learning about Harvest and making our own bread rolls. It was an opportunity for the children to reflect on how and why Harvest is celebrated in England, as well as find out more about Harvest all over …

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Creating our own Egg Box Dragon.

In Dolphins class we have been really busy developing our writing skills. We have been reading a book called The Egg Box Dragon , and we thought as a class we would like to create our own Dragons. Here are the results:

Exploding Volcanoes

As part of our entry point for our topic ‘Active Planet’ we mixed together water, bicarbonate of soda, washing up liquid and vinegar and enjoyed the result of exploding volcanoes.

Order, Order Silence in the Court!

This week in Turtle class we have learned about Galileo the Italian Astronomer. He tried to prove that the Sun was the centre of the Universe and got sent to court as no body wanted to believe him. We had to write an argument to present in court in favour of Galileo’s Theory, in order …

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Space Explorers

Last week we started our Learning Journey as Space Explorers. We were given a very important mission: The International Space Station is running out of vital supplies. Your task is to build a rocket that will deliver these supplies from Earth to the space station. You can only use the materials that you have been …

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Roman Curse Tablets

In our Crime and Punishment learning adventure, we discovered that in the Roman times (43 to 410 AD) there was no police force. Unfortunately, if the victim was unable to catch the criminal themselves and bring them to court, there was little hope of justice. Therefore, the victims often turned to the Roman gods for …

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Crime Scene Investigators

WARNING! POLICE CRIME SCENE – DO NOT ENTER On Wednesday 11th September, Year 6 became Crime Scene Investigators in order to solve the mystery of the missing dog! We returned after lunch to find our classroom trashed and no sign of Archie (the French bulldog). However, we spotted a series of clues that we knew …

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Chocolate Tasting

Chocolate tasting in Y4 ….

Kingswood Residential Trip

We are having a great time away…