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STATES OF MATTER Year 4 experimented whether certain items such as; chocolate, cheese, ice, crayons and stones would melt at certain temperatures. They tested this by using time to measure whether these items wold change into solids, liquids or gases. They found out that various different materials melted when heated, as well as some materials …

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World Math’s Day!

For World Math’s Day, we invited our parents in to be a part of a Maths lesson. In  Year 4, we made fractions pizzas with actual pizza boxes from Papa Johns! We gathered resources such as card and tissue paper to create our pizzas.  To show the fraction of each ingredient on our pizza , …

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In  November, as a school we took part in Maths Week 2021! The aim of Maths Week is to raise the profile of Maths throughout the school and enable all children to access interesting mathematical experiences.  Our Maths lessons this week were engaging, fun and practical! Below is an explanation from each class teacher about …

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This week, Year 4 have been focusing on being kind. The children created positivity jars and included kind and thoughtful messages inside the jars which they read to their peers. We have been doing this over this week to really reinforce kindness within our classroom.

Crazy About Kidzania …

On Wednesday 10th November, our school visited Kidzania …

Aspirations Week 2021

For Aspirations Week, we thought about our dreams and goals …

How Can We Tell The Time?

As part of our Maths Week this week, Y4 were attempting to make their own clocks to support them being able to tell the time. We worked in groups to create clocks showing the key intervals and thought about the purpose of the minute and hour hand. Here you can see our clocks …

Year 4 Artistic artists

Year 4 have been doing some exceptional artwork this half term! They have been focusing on sketching, as well as using water colour paints. This particular painting has been inspired by Georgia O’Keefe. We are incredibly impressed with their fantastic paintings!

Year 4 story boxes

On Friday, Year 4 created story boxes to represent a setting from our English story ‘The Gorilla’.  We used different resources from around the school to represent the different settings that Hannah and the gorilla explore in the story. Can you guess which settings they visit?  

Kindness curriculum

Kindness curriculum

On Friday, Year 4 took part in a ‘trust walk’. We focused on building positive relationships and being kind to each other. Here you can see us on our ‘trust walk’ ….