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Well being Welly Week!

This week, the whole school focus has been on wellbeing and using our wonderful outdoor areas as much as possible to promote our wellbeing.  Year 6 certainly had a busy week! We created nature designed school logos, clay animals as well as art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. We thought about the importance of our safety …

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Home Learning Spring Term

Year 6 have been amazing with their home learning this term. They have demonstrated their ability to work independently, problem solve and develop skills of perseverance with their learning.  Thank you to everyone involved in keeping the learning going – you’ve all been incredible! Our World War Two topic focused on the events that led …

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Remembrance Day 11 November 2020

This week, we should have been inviting you all into school to watch our yearly Remembrance Day Assembly.  Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances, this has not been possible.  Instead, Year 6 have put together a short powerpoint with poems and our thoughtful artwork to remind us of why today is so important.

Art Week

This week our school have been completing one of our annual art weeks across the school.  This year we have focused on the impressive collections of art created by famous black artists.  Year 6 chose to complete work inspired by the American artist Corey Barksdale.  Corey decided at the age of 10 that he wanted …

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World Science Day

To celebrate World Science Day, Year 6 engaged in an ‘eggnaut’ mission to Mars.  We learnt key facts about the planet as well as forces and space.  Year 6 had to design and build a vehicle out of newspaper that would protect their ‘eggnaut’ from the perils of a Mars Land.  Could their ‘eggnaut’ survive …

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Ancient Greeks

Ancient Greek Day Year 6 stepped back in time to ancient Greece for our History Day of learning. Children (and staff) dressed in suitable costumes and looked fantastic – well done parents; their costumes were so impressive! We created an Agora and learnt how life was in an ancient Greek city. The children enjoyed taking …

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Groovy Greeks!

Year 6 are really enjoying this dramatic retelling of the adventures of Odysseus. A fantastic version of Homer’s narrative. So far Odysseus has left his wife Penelope and his beloved Ithaca to travel the stormy seas. He has defeated the cyclops, feasted with mad King Aeolus and is about to encounter the Sirens. In maths, …

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Welcome to Year 6

In order for parents and carers to better understand the expectations and learning taking place in Year 6 this year, we have put together a short presentation. Please watch the following video and feel free to contact your child’s class teacher should you have any further questions.