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Outdoor Learning

Here at London Colney we strive for excellence, constantly looking for ways to provide our pupils with engaging and enriching experiences that will positively impact their achievement, both academically and personally. A big focus of ours is to develop and promote the use of the ‘outdoor classroom’ allowing children to take their learning outside. There is …

Pupil Leadership

At London Colney, we are passionate about enabling our children to have the skills, confidence and ambition to become successful and responsible citizens who actively contribute to the world they live in. We believe that this begins at primary school and we use our curriculum to help us deliver this. Part of this work is …

EYFS – Sea Horses and Manta Rays

Welcome to our Early Years Foundation Stage Our Class Teacher is Kieran Butterworth. Our Lead Practitioner is Domenica Torrano and our learning Support Assistants are Lisa Smith and Evie Harwood-Stamper.

Year 1 – Jellyfish

Welcome to Jellyfish Class! Our Class Teacher is Sam Fallas-Smith and our Learning Support Assistant is Emma Smith.

Year 2 – Dolphins

Welcome to Dolphin Class! Our Class Teacher is Luke Varney and our Learning Support Assistants are Blanche Gilmartin and Ciara Kryillou.

Year 3 – Octopuses

Welcome to Octopus Class! Our class teacher is Ella Champken.

Year 4 – Whales

Welcome to Whales Class! Our Class Teacher is Sarah Jane Kimbley and our Learning Support Assistants are Sofna Hannan and Alana Baker.

Year 5 – Starfish

Welcome to Starfish Class! Our Class Teacher is Lee Harris.

Year 6 – Turtles

Welcome to Turtles Class! Our main Class Teacher is Alison Baskerville and our Learning Support Assistants are Nazish Sabah and Alison Booker .