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EYFS – Julia Donaldson

Welcome to our Early Years Foundation Stage

Our Class Teacher is Chantell Hosten-White. Our Lead Practitioner is Domenica Torrano and our learning Support Assistants are Abby Hayes and Evie Harwood-Stamper.

  • Fourness of four !

    In Reception, we have been enjoying using different objects and our own ideas to represent the number 4.

    Next, we set ourselves a challenge to see how many shapes or patterns, we could make using only 4 lolly sticks.  We discovered we could make shapes, such as a square, rectangle and a rhombus (diamond). We also learnt the possibilities are endless when you learning about the fourness of four !



  • C is for counting

    Inspired by the story Button box by Margarette S. Reid, the children sorted the buttons into groups of colours and size.

    After we had compared and counted the different groups of buttons, we used the camera to take photos of our work.

  • C is for curiosity

    During September and October, we have been learning about Autumn and have observed lots of signs of Autumn happening all around us. The children have been learning new words like ‘ the seasons’ and ‘ nocturnal’.

    We went on a Autumn walk around the school field and the woods. We had lots of fun exploring the sticks, different coloured leafs and finding acorns.

    The children explored pumpkins and other seasonal vegetables.  We carefully used a sharp knife to cut open the pumpkin and estimate how many seeds were inside.

  • E is for Exploring

    In Early Years, we have been exploring our learning environment and the fun provisions we have :




  • Exciting Learning Coming Soon ….

    Look back here in September to see all our exciting learning for 2021 – 2022.