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EYFS – Julia Donaldson

Welcome to our Early Years Foundation Stage

Our Class Teacher is Chantell Hosten-White. Our Lead Practitioner is Domenica Torrano and our learning Support Assistants are Abby Hayes and Evie Harwood-Stamper.

  • M is for measuring

    This week, Nursery have been learning about various ways to measure.  We had lots of fun practicing measuring items with our measuring tapes  and drawing around each other to see who was the tallest.


  • Queen Jubilee celebrations

    To celebrate the Queen’s platinum jubilee, we learnt about London, the Queen and about how role as a Queen.

    In school, we had a jubilee picnic and wore colours of the Union Jack flag


  • Our ducklings experience

    Once hatched, the ducklings were gently moved into a ‘brooding’ unit, a lovely warm area where they could dry out, gather their strength and rest for a couple of days. They settled in comfortably and were cared for by the staff and the children.  Once they were strong enough , the  children were allowed to gently handle the ducklings. The children were very careful and did an excited job of being calm, to avoid scaring the ducklings.

    A few comments from the children:

    ” There are so nice and soft. Will they get bigger ?”

    ” They so tiny ! Got to be careful or they will get really scared. This is so cool.”

    The children loved seeing the ducklings learning to eat and drink in their lovely warm brooding unit. It was also fun to see them get excited when staff or children gently scratched around at their food, making them run over to peck it.

    As the ducklings grew stronger, we introduced them to the water and watched as they went swimming.

  • Little ducklings

    Unfortunately, today we lost a duckling.  However, the other ducklings are doing very well and starting to eat, play with their water and practising their waddling around their unit. The eldest  duck (Jemina) is already showing signs of being a climber and starting to flap the wings.

    Then this afternoon, the children were able to witness the 5th egg hatching. It was a magical experience!

    The 5th duck is recovering from hatching and will soon be added to join the siblings.


  • We now have 4 !

    On Wednesday morning, as I opened our classroom door; I was welcomed to lots of chirping  sounds.  The ducklings were gently moved into a ‘brooding’ unit, a lovely warm area where they can dry out, gather their strength and practice eating and drinking.

    We are awaiting the arrival of the 5th egg to hatch.

  • The Little Miracles Arrived

    The eggs had already been partly incubated while at the farm, so in no time at all, tiny ‘cheeping’ noises could be heard from the eggs as they began pecking away at the egg shells, from the inside. It was absolutely magical for the children to hear.

    Yesterday, before I left, I was able to witness one  little duckling gradually break free and enter the world for the first time. I am sure by the end of the day,  we have 4 more ducklings.

  • Junk Music Orchestra

    As part of our drive to provide our pupils with enriching experiences, we arranged for EYFS and KS1 to take part in a ‘Junk Music Orchestra’. This orchestra, led by the Junk Music Man, gave children the opportunity to listen to and respond to a piece of created music, explore different musical elements such as tone and pitch, try out some of the different musical instruments before taking part in a ‘jam’ session. The children were also fascinated to see how the instruments had been made out of every day items! Here you can see some of the fun we had …

  • Art Week 2022 !

    During art week, Early Years learnt about Jackson Pollock ; who was an American painter who was a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement.  He was widely noticed for his “drip technique” of pouring or splashing liquid household paint onto a horizontal surface, enabling him to view and paint his canvases from all angles.

    In the afternoons, we enjoyed being creative and exploring Jackson Pollocks techniques, this included creating our own large scale action movement .


  • Pancake day

    On Shrove Tuesday , we learnt how to make pancakes and enjoyed various toppings. Our favourite was pancakes with only lemon.

  • NSPCC Number Day

    In February,  we raised money for the charity NSPCC whilst celebrating numbers! To celebrate the day and get into the spirit we dressed up as anything to do with a number. We then a full day of just MATHS MATHS MATHS!
    In Early Years, we went on a number hunt and noticed numbers are all around us.
    We danced to songs, about number bonds and nursery rhymes.
    We used threading buttons to create number patterns and used measuring sticks to count how tall we were.
    In the afternoon, we worked together to complete puzzles and and created our own  number blocks.
    It was a fantastic day !