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Outdoor Learning

Here at London Colney we strive for excellence, constantly looking for ways to provide our pupils with engaging and enriching experiences that will positively impact their achievement, both academically and personally. A big focus of ours is to develop and promote the use of the ‘outdoor classroom’ allowing children to take their learning outside. There is a plethora of research to show that children having the opportunity to learn outside has a huge impact on their achievement, behaviour, attendance and mental health and wellbeing – everything we strive for. All of our children have the opportunity to take part in outdoor learning, including Forest School sessions and bush craft activities. On this page you will see a range of examples of our children taking part in our outdoor learning programme …

  • Planting in our school allotment

    We have been very busy planting the seedlings we grew in the classroom in our school allotment.

    As a class we worked together really well to get everything planted.  We had to make sure the flower bed was properly prepped ready to have plants planted inside. We planted lots of different things which included chilli, sunflowers and many more! It was a very sunny day so it was very hard work. However, we absolutely loved it and can’t wait to get out to plant more.

    Here are some photos of us planting away….

  • River walk!

    For our Geography entry point we walked down to our local river, the River Colne. During this half term in Geography, we are going to learning all about rivers, therefore it only felt right to go and visit a real river!

    We walked through the village and down to the river.  At one point we sat on the river side to listen and look at what we could see and hear close to the river. We spotted lots of ducks and could hear them quacking away! At the end of the river, we came across some lovely horses.  We also discovered there is lots to find out about rivers……… we can’t wait to investigate over this half term.

    We absolutely loved our visit to our local river; we were all sad when it was time to come home. What a fantastic afternoon we had!

    Here are some photos of us enjoying our walk………

  • Stone Age Day!

    On the last day of half term in Year 3, we had a Stone Age themed day to end our topic. We dressed up and cavemen and cavewomen! We travelled back in time and undertook a number of activities that Stone Age people would have had to complete. First, we created a piece of Stone Age Jewellery. Then we caved flint spears using soap! After, we completed an archaeological dig where we found artefacts from the Stone Age. Lastly, we ended with a campfire with hot chocolates and marshmallows for all!





    Here are some of our pictures from our amazing day!

  • Stone Age Entry Point

    For our Stone Age entry point in Year 3, we used our outdoor learning space to create a fire! We learnt that in the Stone Age humans did not have an easy way to make fire like we have today. In the  Stone Age they used fire for cooking and warmth. Fire in the Stone Age could be created using wood and spears made out of stone or two rocks being rubbed together. Fire in the Stone Age was very important however, it could be said that the discovery of fire was one of the most important technological discoveries in human evolution!

  • Fire Making

    This week as part of our outdoor learning, some of our Y6 pupils had the opportunity to make fire in our outdoor classroom. The children worked safety in teams to use bush craft tools to learn how to prepare, start and maintain a small fire …