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EYFS – Manta Rays and Jellyfish

Welcome to Early Years Foundation Stage

Our Class Teachers are Tash DaSilva and Eleni Varda. Our Lead Practitioner is Domenica Torrano and our learning support assistant is Emma Smith

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  • Medium Term Plan – Spring 2

    Medium Term Plan – Spring 2

  • Theatre trip to Chickenshed

    Children were so excited to go on their first theatre  trip in Reception!

    They loved every minute of their trip, from the coach to posing for a photo with Snowman and Santa Claus.

    Safety first ! We made sure we know why we are wearing seat belts.

    They children were so engaged with the show, they were singing along and clapping to the rhythm.

    What’s more exciting than some snapshots with our favorite Christmas characters?

  • Monster footprints

    You can’t imagine how much fun we had by creating our monster footprints! We used green and brown paint. We followed the steps that the monster took to go home and look what happened!

    Things got messy but the children absolutely loved it!


  • Obb & Bob

    What a fun afternoon we had! We played with Obb and Bob and he had to figure out whether a word was real or a nonsense one.

    We were able to read most words and could understand which words were made up ones.


  • Curriculum leaflets

  • Parent reading morning

    Another successful parents’ Friday morning. It was lovely to have you all sharing stories with the children.

  • Learning about fruits

    After making our own fruit shop in Reception, we learned all about different fruits. We had a go at cutting fruit into small pieces and sharing it with our friends. We tasted tropical fruits and learned new words linked to taste and texture.


    Our new topic is spiders so stay tuned for more pictures ..