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Year 2/3 – Whales

Welcome to Whales Class!

Our Class Teacher is Amy Kenney and our Learning Support Assistant is Nazish Sabah.

  • Nutty Number Hunt!

    For the NSPCC number day, Year 2 and 3 were split into squirrel teams and given 30 acorns. We divided our acorns equally between each squirrel and then went out onto the field to find somewhere to hide them. We were then allowed to hunt for each teams acorns and see if we could steal them for our own winter food supply (we could keep our own acorns if they hadn’t already been found). We sat down and counted all our acorns and the squirrel team with the most acorns won!

    We used many different maths skills today including counting, adding and dividing. It was also an excellent way for us to consolidate what we have been learning about animal seed dispersal in Science.


  • Circus Workshop

    This week, Year 1, 2 and 3 got the opportunity to experience a taster of being in the circus. We learnt new skills involving juggling, hula hooping and plate spinning.

  • Year 2/3 Djembe Drumming Lessons

    Year 2 and 3 have been having djembe drum lessons with Risenga every Wednesday morning. We have been learning different wants to play ‘A Sailor Went to Sea’.

  • Will the building be strong enough?

    Today we learned about the earthquakes that happen in Japan. We found out that Japan can have up to 1,500 earthquakes a year. Because of this Japan have started to build houses that are designed to cope with earthquakes, ensuring that people’s homes are not destroyed and that people inside the buildings are kept safe. After learning about this we tried to build our own house made from spaghetti and play-doh to see if it could survive an earthquake. Unfortunately many houses were not strong enough!

  • Earthquakes!

    Today we started learning about earthquakes. We learned about the tectonic plates and how the movement of these plates can cause earthquakes. We also learned about the epicenter and how buildings closest to the epicenter are at higher risk of damage during an earthquake.

  • Exploding Volcanoes

    As part of our entry point for our topic ‘Active Planet’ we mixed together water, bicarbonate of soda, washing up liquid and vinegar and enjoyed the result of exploding volcanoes.

  • Autumn Term 2019

    Welcome to Autumn Term here at London Colney Primary School. We have lots of exciting lessons and activities ready for the children to enjoy and learn. Regular updates will be posted here.