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Year 3 – Octopuses

Welcome to Octopus Class!

Our class teacher is Ella Champken.

  • Lockdown Learning in Year 3

    This half term,  Year 3  have been working extremely hard to complete their remote learning and be independent learners. Take a look at all the different things we have been learning about during lockdown. We have been extremely busy…….

    English – The King Who Banned the Dark, Book Look and Spelling

                   Maths – Multiplication and Division, Statistics and Investigations

    Learning Adventure – The Tudors

    Science – Light and Shadow

    RE – Islam

    Other interesting things!

  • Anti-Bullying Week

    As it is anti-bullying week, we have been undertaking a number of anti-bullying activities. Today in Year 3,  we undertook the anti-bullying toothpaste activity.  We were told to squeeze all the toothpaste out of the tube onto a plate. When we were done, we were told to try and  the toothpaste back into tube using toothpicks. Not long after, we realised that the task was impossible. We then had a discussion about bullying. We had to imagine that the toothpaste represented all the horrible and nasty words that someone could say to someone else or could be written over the internet, and just like you cannot put the toothpaste back into the tube, you cannot remove the pain caused by saying hurtful things to others. This lesson taught a very powerful message to us all.

    Here is some photos of us trying to get the toothpaste back into the tube….. impossible!   

  • A Day in Antarctica!

    For our Geography entry point we had a day in Antarctica. During the half term in Geography we are going to learning all about our wonderful world. We are going to be exploring all the different continents and key countries.

     We explored where it is in our wonderful world and what the climate is like. We put our hands and feet into an ice cold tub to feel how cold it would be. We then found lots of animals you would find in  Antarctica. We learnt that because this continent is so cold no one actually lives there! We then helped penguins who were stuck in ice to escape. We found the best way was to put them in a really hot place. Unfortunately, we found out that because our planet is getting warmer the ice is melting just like it did in our classroom.



    Last  week our school have been completing one of our annual art weeks across the school. This year we have focused on the impressive collections of art created by famous black artists. Year 3 chose to complete work inspired by the artist Kara Walker.

    We explored how Walker often expresses her political views through her art work. Walker is best known for her  black-cut paper silhouettes!

    Here you can see some of our pieces of art inspired by the work of Walker……

    Here are are some pictures of us at work….

  • World Science Day!

    To celebrate World Science Day, Year 3 completed a fun and scientific filled day in class. We had the opportunity to speak to a STEM representative (Victoria – Environmental Chemist) about her work in the STEM industry. We learnt a lot about what a environmental Chemist does and what it might mean for our society.


    Today we created our own rainbow patterns in milk. We explored what happens when different materials are mixed together.

    We poured milk into a tray and then used pipettes to put drops of food colouring in a circle near the middle of the tray. We then dipped a cotton bud in washing-up liquid and then in the centre of the milk. We then watched the colours swirl!

    We learnt that when the washing up liquid is added the piqued lowers the surface tension of the milk so that the food colouring is free to flow throughout the milk. Second, the washing-up liquid makes the fast and proteins in the milk spread out. This happens very quickly, causing the liquid to swirl.

    We were amazed at the results!



    Sneeze Zone

    We then completed a second experiment, whereby we explored how far a sneeze (water sprayer) can travel and how we can prevent others from getting getting ill.

    Throughout this experiment we learnt about the spread of microbes and their potential to infect people. We using pieces of flip chart paper stuck together, we measured out 7 metres. We then drew a stick person and placed the ‘people’ anywhere in the sneeze zone. We then used the nose (sprayer) to sneeze twice. We then measured how far the water travelled and circled the droplets in red. The furthest it reached was 6 metres! We then did the exact test twice but this time used an arm and tissue in front of the ‘nose’.

    Our findings:
    We found that using an arm or a tissue prevented the droplet from spreading a huge amount so this is the best way to stop sneezing reaching others.


  • Stone Age Day!

    On the last day of half term in Year 3, we had a Stone Age themed day to end our topic. We dressed up and cavemen and cavewomen! We travelled back in time and undertook a number of activities that Stone Age people would have had to complete. First, we created a piece of Stone Age Jewellery. Then we caved flint spears using soap! After, we completed an archaeological dig where we found artefacts from the Stone Age. Lastly, we ended with a campfire with hot chocolates and marshmallows for all!





    Here are some of our pictures from our amazing day!

  • Year 3’s prehistoric fossils!

    Year 3 have been learning all about rocks, soils and fossils this half term.  Today after we explored what fossils are and how they were made, we made our own fossils! First, we mixed flour, salt, instant coffee and water together. Then we had to knead the dough for about 4 minutes to make sure it was ready. We then chose the insect we wanted to imprint in the dough. We gently pressed the insect into the dough and peeled it off. We then left our homemade fossils to dry for 48 hours!

    Here are some examples of the fossils we made:


  • Stone Age Entry Point

    For our Stone Age entry point in Year 3, we used our outdoor learning space to create a fire! We learnt that in the Stone Age humans did not have an easy way to make fire like we have today. In the  Stone Age they used fire for cooking and warmth. Fire in the Stone Age could be created using wood and spears made out of stone or two rocks being rubbed together. Fire in the Stone Age was very important however, it could be said that the discovery of fire was one of the most important technological discoveries in human evolution!

  • Welcome to Year 3

    In order for parents and carers to better understand the expectations and learning taking place in Year 3 this year, we have put together a short presentation. Please watch the following video and feel free to contact your child’s class teacher should you have any further questions.