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Year 3 – Anthony Browne

Welcome to Year 3!

Our class teacher is Drew Brown and our Learning Support Assistants are Blanche Gilmartin, Ciara Kyrillou and Alison Booker.

  • Where In The World Are We?

    Today, to begin our new topic ‘Where In The World Are We?’, Year Three went travelling around different countries! We had the most amazing afternoon ever, we visited America, Mexico, France, Greece and India.
    On our visit to America, we ate some delicious doughnuts and made fireworks like on the 4th of July. During our time in Mexico we enjoyed some nachos and we even made our own maracas out of bowls and rice! Whilst in France, we said Bonjour to some crossaints and built 3D Eiffel Towers. Next, we visited Greece where we tasted some hummus and breadsticks, with a side of Greek head wreath making.
    The last stop of our travels was to India, here we munched on some poppadoms and created our own henna designs. It is safe to say the children thoroughly enjoyed their adventures today and can’t wait to find out more about where we are in the world!
  • A Pebble in our Pockets …

    To start of our new class text in English, The Pebble in my Pocket, Year 3 got the chance to enjoy decorating their own pebbles. They used acrylic paint and acrylic pens to decorate a pebble personal to them. Each pebble was unique as the children were encouraged to consider why they chose the design and what made it special to them. The finished outcome will most definitely help the children to write fantastic poems about their pebble using metaphors and similes, later on in the week!

  • MATHS WEEK 2021!

    In  November, as a school we took part in Maths Week 2021!

    The aim of Maths Week is to raise the profile of Maths throughout the school and enable all children to access interesting mathematical experiences.  Our Maths lessons this week were engaging, fun and practical!

    Below is an explanation from each class teacher about what each class did throughout the week:

    Year 1

    This week, Year 1 have been practising our counting skills. We have participated in lots of activities, these include playing snakes and ladders and a counting game using a big inflatable dice out in the garden.

    Year 2

    For Maths week, we have been having lots of fun and working together to learn in fun, creative ways. We have been playing lots of games and completing lots of puzzles and challenges. We learnt about a range of maths topics and built on skills we already had. We played number bingo, snakes and ladders, going to the shops game to help us learn about money and we sang a range of fun songs.

    Year 3

    Maths Week in Year 3 was fantastic! We participated in fun activities such as a maths escape room and designing our own tessellations. We even went on a hunt in school to find objects with specific mathematical properties that we use in everyday life.

    Year 4

    During Maths week, Year 4 played games which focused on learning about money, fractions and time. We made our own clocks which helped us learn how to tell the time! In addition, we also played Mathsopoly to support our addition problem solving.

    Year 5

    In Year 5, we played a number of Maths games such as snakes and ladders, battleship and four in a row (all 3 games involved using multiplication skills).

    We also played Mathopoly (maths version of monopoly where they had to answer addition and subtraction questions as they moved around the board.  There were also chance cards which gave additional challenges for them to answer).  We absolutely loved this!

    During the end of the week we created art work using lines of symmetry – we used mandala art to help with this.

    Year 6

    During Maths Week in Year 6, we explored and focused on fractions and angles. Firstly, we created our own pizzas and then used our knowledge of fractions to add ingredients to the pizza. We then had to write down what fraction each ingredient was on the pizza. We absolutely loved creating the pizzas and it was SO fun to get creative!

    During the end of the week, we focused on angles. We wrote our initials down and then drew random lines in the initial. We then had to use a protractor to find how many degrees the angle was and then what type of angel such as obtuse, acute, right angle or reflex. We loved doing this activity and was great fun using a protractor!

    Please find below various pictures of different year groups taken throughout our Maths Week 2021, as you can see we had great fun! 

  • Crazy About Kidzania …

    Following on from our Aspirations Week, on Wednesday 10th November Years 1-6 visiting Kidzania in London. Kidzania is an indoor role play centre that allows children to take on various jobs and occupations for the day. Ranging from firemen and women to postal workers, our pupils had the opportunity to try out different roles, thinking about and reflecting on what they may like to be when they are older. Our children also had the opportunity to develop their independence and confidence skills as us adults were not allowed to help them at all! We all had a fantastic experience and all the children enjoyed themselves hugely – with lots of children asking to go back already! The children particularly enjoyed spending the money they have earned on the day. Here you can see some of the fun we got up to …

  • Aspirations Week 2021

    During our first week back this half term, we spent the week thinking about and reflecting on our aspirations. We took time each day to complete activities in class that let us think about our dreams and goals and what we want to be when we grow up. Some of us completed talent shows in class, displaying our many and varied talents that we have. Some us created dream jars, writing down all of our hopes and dreams so that we can remind ourselves of them as we grow. Some of us created a time capsule, writing what we wanted to be when we are older in the hope that someone may find it in years to come and we would have achieved our dreams. We finished the week by having a ‘Dress As Your Dream Job Day. Here you can see some of the occupations we would like to have when we grow up …

  • Aspirations Week

    This week in Year 3, we have been discussing our future dream jobs. The children all have such wonderful aspirations for when they’re older and would like to be things such as doctors, footballers, support workers and teachers. Today, we decided to make a time capsule as a class. We wrote on slips of paper our names, today’s date and our dream jobs. We then went out to the field to burry the time capsule in the hope that in years to come one day future students of our school may come across it and read all about our hopes and dreams.

  • Inclusivity and Values

    In PSHE today, year 3 received a letter from a person named ‘Sam’, stating that they were soon to join Anthony Browne class. The children carried out the following activities showcasing to ‘Sam’ how inclusive London Colney Primary School is. They drew ‘Sam’ a picture, followed by a welcoming message, an ‘our school is’ statement and lastly an ‘I will’ statement. It made me so proud seeing how welcoming, inclusive and caring the children are. Although the letter was fictional, it showed how much the children value one another and new members to our class.

  • Scientific Skeletons!

    Year 3 have been learning all about animals including humans, in science. This week we are learning about vertebrates and invertebrates. The children got to make some fantastic skeletons out of dog biscuits and even challenged themselves to label different bones in the human skeleton!

  • Conscience Alley

    This week, Year 3 have been thinking about what a dilemma is and considering what we would do in different dilemmas. We have been making our decision and then justifying it with a reason using the conjunction ‘because’. Today we were advising the Boy in our class book on his dilemma, as to whether or not he should go into the forest. We participated in a whole class conscience alley to convince one another what the Boy should do ….

  • Fantastic Freeze Frames!

    We have been using our inference skills in English to infer how a character may be feeling from an illustration. We came up with lots of different emotions, describing how the character may be feeling and then put our drama skills to practice with some freeze frames! Can you guess how the character may be feeling from our fabulous acting?