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Year 3 – Anthony Browne

Welcome to Year 3!

Our class teacher is Drew Brown and our Learning Support Assistants are Blanche Gilmartin, Ciara Kyrillou and Alison Booker.

  • Year 3 Assembly


    Last week, we proudly held a class assembly for the whole school and our family members. During the assembly we shared with our audience some of the wonderful things we have been learning about in school. We sung many songs and showed some fantastic work that we have produced. At the end, we sat with our grown ups and looked through some of our books and we were so proud to share our learning journey and knowledge with them.

    Here are some pictures from our assembly…


  • Man Made or Naturally Occurring?


    Last term in Geography, we learnt all about physical and human features.

    We reminded ourselves today that:

    human = man made (things like statues and buildings)

    physical = natural (things like rivers and mountains)

    We retrieved our previous learning and linked it to our current topic, Europe. We explored different features and landmarks in Europe and decided if they were human or physical geographical features. We worked collaboratively in groups to demonstrate our understanding.


  • Exploring the Theme of Loneliness

    Today in English, we explored the main character from our class text, Nadine’s feelings  and the theme of loneliness. We discussed ways in which we may overcome loneliness. We then went into the hall and participated in a yoga session. We decided as a class that yoga is a good way to relax and calm your mind and may make you appreciate alone time more. We carefully followed instructions whilst doing yoga; we will be basing our Big Write around these instructions this week.


  • European Bingo!

    This half term our Geography topic is all about Europe. Today we started off our topic by playing a game of Bingo, based on the European country flags. This was so fun and competitive! We then produced European flags for our Topic display. Have a look at how happy we were when we won…


  • The British Museum

    To round up our History learning this year, Year 3 visited The British Museum.

    We got to explore many exhibitions all about money, clocks, The Romans, The Ancient Greeks, The Ancient Egyptians and the Islamic World. We had so much fun being historians for the day! Look at the mummies we saw…


  • Collaborative Learning

    Today in English, we worked together in groups, developing our speaking and listening skills.

    We had an illustration of the Sphinx from our class text and we took it in turns to go up one person at a time (from each group) and look at the illustration for thirty seconds. We then had to go and feed back to our teammates, what we saw in the picture, using very detailed descriptions and explanations. Our aim was to recreate the illustration as accurate as possible…


  • Conjunction Relay Races…

    Today in English, we took our learning outdoors.

    We competed in relay races in teams. We were given sentences based around advising a character from our class text, on a dilemma. Each sentence was missing a conjunction and we had to choose an appropriate conjunction to add detail to our sentence and make it make sense. We ran to our team’s clipboard and wrote the conjunction, then ran back to our team to enable the next person to do theirs. It was a race to see which team could complete all of their sentences first!


  • Ancient Egyptians and Their Daily Activities…

    What did daily activities look like for the Ancient Egyptians?

    Today in Topic, we were looking at and considering pictures of daily activities from Ancient Egypt. We went around in a carousel, annotating the illustrations and writing down what we could see and what we interpreted from them. We then compared their lives to modern day life and realised that we also have scribes, trades people, builders and farmers today, although their roles may differ slightly as opposed to in Ancient Egyptian times.


  • Maths Morning Fun

    Today in Year 3 we were so lucky that our parents joined us for our maths lesson. This was a great opportunity for our parents to see some of the amazing learning we do in maths. We played games such as Who Wants to be a Millionaire? answering questions involving working out 2-digit division with remainders and Multiplication Snakes and Ladders. Here are some pictures from our morning…

  • Come Dine With Me…

    Today Year 3 took part in Come Dine With Me Cave Edition!

    We created menus for The Cave Restaurant, as the character Ug, from our book. The menus entailed meals for our Stone Age friends. We included the foods that Stone Age ancestors ate…