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Year 4 – Starfish

Welcome to Starfish Class!

Our Class Teacher is Luke Varney and our Learning Support Assistant is Blanche Gilmartin.

  • London Colney Art Week 2020


    Welcome to our virtual gallery where you can view the amazing artwork completed by our children during art week around the theme of ‘The Natural World’.

    We hope you have enjoyed the afternoon art lessons and have enjoyed the creative process. Here are some of the incredible pieces of artwork that our children have made.

    Early Years Artwork

    Year 1 Artwork

    Year 2 Artwork

    Year 3 Artwork

    Year 4 Artwork

    Year 5 Artwork

    Year 6 Artwork


  • Thank You NHS

    The children at London Colney Primary school have been showing their love and thanks to the NHS staff that are working hard around the country fighting against COVID19.

    Take a look at some of the lovely letters Year 5 have written to say thank you to all of the staff at Watford General Hospital.

    Have a read of this fantastic poem written by Bibi (Year 6).

  • Exploring Sound …

    As part of our new science topic this half term, Year 4 began to explore the concept of sound. They were posed the questions ‘What is sound?’ and ‘How does it travel to our ears?’. After a lot of discussions and theories from the children, we learnt that sound is vibrating air particles caused from an object that is too vibrating. The vibrating air particles form waves that travel to our ears. To explore this concept further, we caused rulers and elastic bands to vibrate and thought about the sound travelling to our ears. This has definitely sparked our curiosity and we are looking forward to learning more in our science lessons this half term …

  • Circus Skills Workshop

    On Monday,  Y4 had the opportunity to take part in a circus skills workshop. We firstly watched the performers complete awesome tricks including stilt walking and aerial acrobatics. We then had the chance to learn how to spin plates and hula hoop using giant hoops. We had great fun!

  • KS2 Visit the Theatre

    On Wednesday 4th December, Y4, 5 and 6 attended their enrichment trip. This term, the children were able to experience the wonders of the West End as we travelled into London to watch the matinee performance of Disney’s ‘The Lion King’.

    For many of our children, they have never had the opportunity to visit the theatre or experience a west end production so we felt very lucky that we were able to take our Y4,5 and 6 pupils. Looking around the theatre, there were lots of faces filled with awe and wonder as the children witnessed a stunning theatrical experience, exploring culture from around the world and understanding the concept of the ‘Circle of life’.

    One of our pupils told us that it “was the best thing I have ever seen in my life!”


  • Y4 Learn Ukulele

    As part of our music curriculum in school, Year 4 have begun learning ukulele this half term. We have already had two lessons and are really loving learning how to play a musical instrument. We have now learned how to play 4 cords and have already begun learning our first song – ‘In the Jungle’. Here you can see a few of us learning how to play ….

  • A ‘Sweet’ Home Learning Task….

    As part of Year 4’s home learning tasks this half term, the children were set the challenge of designing and making a cake that included a chocolate element (our topic this half term being chocolate). One of our children, Seb, rose to the challenge, baking a master chocolate cake that not only met the design brief but is also linked to our class book ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. Seb was able to tell us all about how he made this cake and how it was designed to look like the chocolate waterfall, with the lego figures representing the Oompa Loompas. A great home learning task!

  • Developing Our Citizenship

    As part of our work in school, we have been thinking lots about one of the aspects on our school drivers – Social responsibility and Social Justice. A part of this is the children having the opportunities to develop their citizenship within the local community and today we did just that. Six pupils from our Year 4 class supported at our local community centre, serving a special harvest lunch to the senior citizens of London Colney. The children had to ensure that each person was served their correct lunch and helped to clear away after. Whilst at the community centre, the senior citizens were also presented with a special harvest bag that contained foods we had collected as a school to donate to the community centre. We felt really proud of our citizenship work and the fact that we are supporting people within our local community

  • Chocolate Tasting

    As part of our Learning Adventure this half term, Year 4 became ‘Chocolate Taste Testers’ for their entry point into their new topic. The children had the opportunity to try a range of different chocolates however there was a twist – the children were all blindfolded! Year 4 had to rely on their other senses to make judgements over whether they liked the taste or not. The children then attempted to guess what the taste of the chocolate was, ranging from caramel and white chocolate to Turkish delight and chilli!


  • Autumn Term 2019

    Welcome to Autumn Term here at London Colney Primary School. We have lots of exciting lessons and activities ready for the children to enjoy and learn. Regular updates will be posted here.