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Year 4 – Joe Todd-Stanton

Welcome to Year 4!

Our Class Teacher is Alicia Johnson and our Learning Support Assistant is Emma.

Year 4 Knowledge Organisers

Please see our Knowledge Organisers for this Academic Year. These Knowledge Organisers are a snap shot of our learning that takes place in units of work across English, Maths, History / Geography and Science. Please use them at home to quiz your child on their learning and see how much knowledge they can remember.

Year 4 Family Learning Projects

Please see the Family Learning Projects for your child in Year 4. There is a Family Learning Project per half term and they are linked to our learning adventures in class. See how many of the tasks you and your family can complete.

Year 4 Curriculum Leaflets

Please see our Curriculum Leaflets for this academic year. These Curriculum Leaflets aim to provide you with key information regarding your child’s learning and curriculum each half term.

  • Year 4 attendance award trip!

    Year 4 did amazing with their attendance and as such had a reward trip. I think its safe to say the children and teachers had a lovely day.

  • Creating our own Roman Soldier Helmets

    To finalise our first Spring half term, we decided to celebrate all the learning we had covered on The Romans by making our own Roman Soldier helmets. Over the half term, we explored how the Romans lived, the beginning of Roman Britain and the resistance they faced. We used balloons and paper mâché to create the structure of the helmet itself, before popping the balloon and painting. We mixed our own unique brown paint using primary colours.
  • Learning About Sound

    This half term in Science we have been looking at sound. We have been carrying out a number of investigations to help us answer some of our questions: How is sound made? Can sound travel through different materials? How can distance affect sound?

    Our first lesson focussed on discovering how sound is made. We discovered that sound is made through vibrations. We wanted to conduct an investigation which would allow us to ‘see’ sound vibrations. We discussed our ideas and decided to use drums and other resources (to represent sound) to watch the vibrations made when hitting the drum.


  • Exciting Learning Coming Soon ….

    Look back here soon to see all the learning that is taking place in our class.