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Year 5 – Starfish

Welcome to Starfish Class!

Our Class Teacher is Lee Harris.

  • World Science Day in the Starfish Class

    Fun was had by all on World Science Day.

    We found out about different STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) careers, and interviewed James who is a statistician. Lee and Alex also dressed for the occasion.

    We explored properties of materials by creating our very own lava lamps! We learned that oil will float on top of water because of its density. The oil is also insoluble.

    Do you know how far a sneeze can travel? …. 1.73m!

    We also found out that magic tricks are made using Science. Can you flip a glass of water without making a mess? Can you make a ball levitate? Can you move a ketchup sachet without touching it? Can you move a can off of a table?


  • Art Week – Elizabeth Catlett

    Wow what an amazing week we have had in the starfish class! Our artist for art week was Elizabeth Catlett. We learned that she is an American born printmaker and sculptor. She is famous for her prints and sculptures of black people and she said that the purpose of her art is to “present black people in their beauty and dignity for ourselves and others to understand and enjoy.”

    We explored different print making techniques. The first was a lithograph print, where we used card and a wax crayon to create stamps.

    The second technique that we learned was a relief print, and made our own stamps using polystyrene (lino-style print)

    Our final piece of artwork was based on one of Catlett’s prints – Sharecropper (a portrait of a man wearing a hat) We used photos of ourselves, and then the technique of tracing and transferring our design using tracing paper. Then we carved out our design onto our polystyrene, used roller to apply black paint and created a number of prints.

    Here are our final Prints:

  • Viking Day!

    On Friday, Year 5 came to school as Vikings! We used Viking Runes to help crack a code. We then ate like Vikings before setting off into battle. We tasted some mead (a drink made from honey) and bread that the Vikings would have ate. We then spent the day playing a Viking battle game, pillaging and robbing one another’s boats and stealing coins. It was a fantastic day, and everyone enjoyed our Viking day to end off the term.

  • The Journey

    In Year 5 we have read the fantastic picture book called The Journey by Francesca Sanna.

    We loved following the journey of a family who sadly lost their Father to the war. The family had to flee their own country and travel for many days on a dangerous and tiresome journey in order to find a new safe place to live. One part of their journey was to cross the sea in a Ferry, we explored the idea of a sea creature attacking the Ferry along their way. We wrote our very own Terrible Tales of the Sea, many including the legend of the Kraken!

  • Welcome to Year 5

    Year 5 have had an amazing start to the year! It has been so lovely to see everyone again and get to know the Starfish class.

    We have all been working hard in class recapping our place value knowledge in Maths. In English we have read a lovely book called Here we Are and spoke about how we felt returning to school after lock down. This week we finished off our Topic Brainwave. In these lessons we learned about how we learn. We taught each other some new skills. We also learned about how our brain and memory works, and how to maintain a growth mindset in class. We also explored the magic word ‘Yet’. Instead of saying I can’t do it, try saying I can’t do it Yet!

    In our Exit Point lesson we created 3D glasses and spoke about the two parts Attitude + Effort = Success.

  • Welcome to Year 5

    In order for parents and carers to better understand the expectations and learning taking place in Year 5 this year, we have put together a short presentation. Please watch the following video and feel free to contact your child’s class teacher should you have any further questions.

  • Arriving Soon – Amazing Learning

    Coming soon to this page – all the fantastic learning that takes place here at London Colney Primary and Nursery School!