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Year 5 – Turtles

Welcome to Turtles Class!

Our Class Teacher is Lee Harris and our Learning Support Assistant is Lisa Smith.

  • London Colney Art Week 2020


    Welcome to our virtual gallery where you can view the amazing artwork completed by our children during art week around the theme of ‘The Natural World’.

    We hope you have enjoyed the afternoon art lessons and have enjoyed the creative process. Here are some of the incredible pieces of artwork that our children have made.

    Early Years Artwork

    Year 1 Artwork

    Year 2 Artwork

    Year 3 Artwork

    Year 4 Artwork

    Year 5 Artwork

    Year 6 Artwork


  • Thank You NHS

    The children at London Colney Primary school have been showing their love and thanks to the NHS staff that are working hard around the country fighting against COVID19.

    Take a look at some of the lovely letters Year 5 have written to say thank you to all of the staff at Watford General Hospital.

    Have a read of this fantastic poem written by Bibi (Year 6).

  • British Science Week

    This week in Year 5 we explored what British Science week is all about this year.

    We found out some interesting facts about how diverse our planet is.

  • What a Week

    The Turtles class have had a super first week back after the half term!

    We have been learning how to explore and recite a poem called The Witch by Mary Elizabeth Coleridge. We have discussed our impressions of the poem and have performed the poem using expression, tone and volume.

    In our new topic ‘Go with the flow’ we have begun to learn about bridges. On Friday we investigated which shapes were the most supportive for beams in a bridge. We have learned some new vocabulary about bridges too: pillars, beams, deck, girder and parapets.


  • What an Explosive Week

    In Science Year 5 have been investigating properties of materials, and which changes are reversible and irreversible. We investigating adding mentos into diet coke and discussed that this causes a reaction which created a new substance. This makes this change irreversible. The children have done an amazing job explaining all of the processes using scientific vocabulary. Have a look at some of our photos:

  • Mad for the Mayans

    This week we have learned about Mayan masks, and their importance in the Mayan culture. The children have been working on designing their own mask which we will be making over the next couple of weeks.


  • The Ancient Maya Civilisation

    Today Turtle class did their entry point lesson to our new topic: The Mayas.

    We had a great lesson drinking hot chocolate and learning that we have chocolate today because of the Maya. They used to make this delicious hot drink with crushed cacao beans and water, sometimes adding a little chilli or cinnamon.

    Not only did we sample some chilli hot chocolate, but we had some tortilla chips too. Corn tortillas are a Mayan staple and are enjoyed with most meals, especially stew and rice.

    We are looking forward to learning more about the Mayas!

  • Christmas is in the Air

    Year 5 have had a very festive week this week. We have done all things Christmassy, which has included singing some carols with Lisa, making Christmas crafts in preparation for our sale next week. We even walked in the pouring rain to the church to watch the KS1 Nativity. It was so rainy that we had to take off our shoes and socks and dry them on the radiator! And of course, today was Christmas jumper day and Christmas Dinner day, where we enjoyed a delicious roast dinner and laughed at some cheesy jokes. It has been a great week with lots of fun had by all.

  • KS2 Visit the Theatre

    On Wednesday 4th December, Y4, 5 and 6 attended their enrichment trip. This term, the children were able to experience the wonders of the West End as we travelled into London to watch the matinee performance of Disney’s ‘The Lion King’.

    For many of our children, they have never had the opportunity to visit the theatre or experience a west end production so we felt very lucky that we were able to take our Y4,5 and 6 pupils. Looking around the theatre, there were lots of faces filled with awe and wonder as the children witnessed a stunning theatrical experience, exploring culture from around the world and understanding the concept of the ‘Circle of life’.

    One of our pupils told us that it “was the best thing I have ever seen in my life!”


  • Coral Live Lesson in our Classroom!

    Today our class took part in one of the Coral Live Lessons where we signed on at 11am sharp! The session was streamed live all the way from the Caribbean where Scientists are working on ways to protect our coral reefs and oceans.

    We were greeted by Jamie who guided us in completing 2 investigations. We explored the effects of ocean acidification and learned how the rising amount of Carbon Dioxide caused by Global warming are in turn causing raised levels of acidity in the oceans. We placed a piece of chalk into some vinegar and observed how the vinegar started to dissolve the chalk(calcium carbonate) in the same way that acidic sea water will start to dissolve coral.

    It was a great lesson, which we all enjoyed! The best part was when Jamie read our shout out!