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Year 5 – Turtles

Welcome to Turtles Class!

Our Class Teacher is Lee Harris and our Learning Support Assistant is Blanche Gilmartin.

  • Our Star Nebula Artwork

    Wow what a week it has been! In Turtle class our week started off with us creating our beautiful Nebulae artworks. We used different media to create a 3D interpretation of a star Nebulae.


  • Harvest Week

    A big thank you to those parents who came along on Wednesday morning. We had lots of fun learning about Harvest and making our own bread rolls. It was an opportunity for the children to reflect on how and why Harvest is celebrated in England, as well as find out more about Harvest all over the world.

    Thank you for all of your generous donations of food throughout the week.

  • Order, Order Silence in the Court!

    This week in Turtle class we have learned about Galileo the Italian Astronomer. He tried to prove that the Sun was the centre of the Universe and got sent to court as no body wanted to believe him.

    We had to write an argument to present in court in favour of Galileo’s Theory, in order to help prove his innocence!

    Everyone did an amazing job at presenting their evidence based on facts, as well as using persuasive language.

    Galileo was found to be…. Innocent!

  • Space Explorers

    Last week we started our Learning Journey as Space Explorers.

    We were given a very important mission:

    • The International Space Station is running out of vital supplies. Your task is to build a rocket that will deliver these supplies from Earth to the space station. You can only use the materials that you have been given. Good luck!

    The children worked in groups to create their Rockets and then launch them from the Earth in the hope of reaching the Space Station.

    We used our Cool Communicating skills, as listening and communicating our ideas, was vital in creating a rocket as a team.


  • Autumn Term 2019

    Welcome to Autumn Term here at London Colney Primary School. We have lots of exciting lessons and activities ready for the children to enjoy and learn. Regular updates will be posted here.