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Year 6 – Sea Horses

Welcome to Sea Horses Class!

Our main Class Teacher is Louise Dembowicz and our Learning Support Assistant is Nazish Sabah .

  • Lockdown Learners of the Week

    A great big thank you to all the parents that have supported their children with home learning. We truly appreciate any effort that has been made to ensure your children continue with their education during this unsettling change of routine. Just like in our celebration assemblies, we felt it would be appropriate to celebrate some of the children who have been working hard this week.


    Take a look at some fantastic home learning our children have been doing! We love seeing our children continuing their learning from home.  🙂

    Year 1 Dolphins

    In Year 1, I was really impressed this week by Eloise’s amazing story she has written about the space rocket she has made. Here is her amazing work:

    Year 2/3 Whales

    In Year 2/3, our lockdown learners of the week are Samuel and Jaden! They have been working hard at home completing the learning packs and completing their tasks set on Purple Mash.

    Year 4

    Year 5 Turtles

    A big shout out goes to the following children who have been working hard to complete their home learning, and have handed in work on Purple Mash:

    Amelie, Lexie M, Ashira, Yusuf, Lexie T, Hanifa, Jumana, Raihan, Aleemah, Lucas, Oskar, Junior, Mahdi, Rosa, Umayyah, Davi and Sihan.

    Year 6 Sea Horses

    In Year 6, our lockdown learners of the week are Bibi and Nathalie! They have been working hard at home completing their tasks set on Purple Mash. Well done girls.

  • KS2 Visit the Theatre

    On Wednesday 4th December, Y4, 5 and 6 attended their enrichment trip. This term, the children were able to experience the wonders of the West End as we travelled into London to watch the matinee performance of Disney’s ‘The Lion King’.

    For many of our children, they have never had the opportunity to visit the theatre or experience a west end production so we felt very lucky that we were able to take our Y4,5 and 6 pupils. Looking around the theatre, there were lots of faces filled with awe and wonder as the children witnessed a stunning theatrical experience, exploring culture from around the world and understanding the concept of the ‘Circle of life’.

    One of our pupils told us that it “was the best thing I have ever seen in my life!”


  • Tower of London Trip

    On Monday the 14th of October, Year 6 visited the Tower of London to further investigate crime and punishment through the ages. On our visit, we saw plenty of interesting things including the Crown Jewels, the White Tower and the Bloody Tower.

    We learnt about how the Tower was used as a prison, the mysterious disappearance of two princes, the significance of the Crown Jewels and the Legend of the Tower Ravens – we even managed to spot three of them!

    Take a look at some of our photos from the day:


  • Crime Scene Investigators – Chromatography

    Year 6 planned and carried out an experiment using chromatography.

    We investigated whether all black felt tip pens have the same ink and whether it would create the same pattern on our filter paper.

  • Bring Your Parents to School Morning – Harvest Cooking

    Year 6 spent the morning learning about Harvest Festivals before writing their own recipe and creating egg muffins.

    A great big thank you to all the parents that came in Wednesday morning, the children loved to have you in the classroom!


  • Roman Curse Tablets

    In our Crime and Punishment learning adventure, we discovered that in the Roman times (43 to 410 AD) there was no police force.

    Unfortunately, if the victim was unable to catch the criminal themselves and bring them to court, there was little hope of justice. Therefore, the victims often turned to the Roman gods for help instead by writing curse tablets.

    Year 6 made our very own curse tablets, written in the style of the Romans. We altered our names to sound authentic and researched which Roman god to call upon.


  • Crime Scene Investigators


    On Wednesday 11th September, Year 6 became Crime Scene Investigators in order to solve the mystery of the missing dog!

    We returned after lunch to find our classroom trashed and no sign of Archie (the French bulldog). However, we spotted a series of clues that we knew could lead us to the culprit.

    Suspects Amy, Louise and Sarah were interviewed, had their fingerprints taken and provided handwriting samples for us to analyse.

    Following this, each group presented their findings and who they believed was guilty. All evidence pointed towards… LOUISE!

    Finally, Archie was reunited with the class as they successfully solved the crime.

    It appears we may have some detectives in the making!

     The Crime Scene

    A note from the culprit

    Our prime suspects

    Finger print analysis

    Handwriting analysis

    Checking for clues

    The return of Archie!

  • Autumn Term 2019

    Welcome to Autumn Term here at London Colney Primary School. We have lots of exciting lessons and activities ready for the children to enjoy and learn. Regular updates will be posted here.