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Year 6 – Turtles

Welcome to Turtles Class!

Our main Class Teacher is Alison Baskerville and our Learning Support Assistants are Nazish Sabah and Alison Booker .

  • Home Learning Spring Term

    Year 6 have been amazing with their home learning this term. They have demonstrated their ability to work independently, problem solve and develop skills of perseverance with their learning.  Thank you to everyone involved in keeping the learning going – you’ve all been incredible!

    Our World War Two topic focused on the events that led to World war Two as well as a key focus on evacuees and the use of propaganda.

    In English, we followed the story of Lenny,  an evacuee who lived through the Blitz. His father gave him a badge featuring a lion representing bravery and a unicorn for courage.

    We also became news reporters and found out about events that happened in London Colney during World War Two. Did you know a German spy was found in London Colney ? We also reported on unexploded grenades, war memorials and evacuees from London Colney.

    Our science topic this term has been electricity and we have learned all about circuits and how circuits provides a path that carries an electrical current. Some materials do not allow electricity to pass through them, whilst others do.  We learnt they are called insulators and conductors.

    During our non screen times, we have been busy learning new skills. We have also been thinking about how to stay safe online. Have a look at our impressive artwork!


  • Remembrance Day 11 November 2020

    This week, we should have been inviting you all into school to watch our yearly Remembrance Day Assembly.  Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances, this has not been possible.  Instead, Year 6 have put together a short powerpoint with poems and our thoughtful artwork to remind us of why today is so important.

  • Art Week

    This week our school have been completing one of our annual art weeks across the school.  This year we have focused on the impressive collections of art created by famous black artists.  Year 6 chose to complete work inspired by the American artist Corey Barksdale.  Corey decided at the age of 10 that he wanted to be an artist.  Inspired by colours on quilts made by his granny as well as visiting Africa, Corey’s artwork is big, bright and bold.  His use of black outline is just as important as his vibrant colours.  Corey paints real people and enjoys creating street murals, so his artwork is accessible to everyone.  Here you can see us imitating the work of Corey experimenting with different mediums.


  • World Science Day

    To celebrate World Science Day, Year 6 engaged in an ‘eggnaut’ mission to Mars.  We learnt key facts about the planet as well as forces and space.  Year 6 had to design and build a vehicle out of newspaper that would protect their ‘eggnaut’ from the perils of a Mars Land.  Could their ‘eggnaut’ survive without a crack?  We explored Newton’s discovery of gravity.  The missions were a roaring success with the vast majority of eggs surviving intact.

    We had the privilege to speak to a STEM representative, a physician called Jonathan Bradley, AKA Louise’s brother – a real life physician who shared his work and how he ended up in his dream job in the STEM industry.

    We had such an exciting day that some of the Year 6 didn’t even want to stop at lunchtime and wanted to continue with their work rather than go out to play!

  • Ancient Greeks

    Ancient Greek Day

    Year 6 stepped back in time to ancient Greece for our History Day of learning. Children (and staff) dressed in suitable costumes and looked fantastic – well done parents; their costumes were so impressive!

    We created an Agora and learnt how life was in an ancient Greek city. The children enjoyed taking part in a quiz to learn the key facts about Greek city life such as what happened at the market, which foods were eaten and where and how the ancient Greek Gods were worshipped.

    We also enjoyed the all-important food tasting session and tried a few traditional Greek foods including olives, flatbreads and vine leaves.

    The children enjoyed learning about the monstrous Gorgon Medusa and how Perseus managed to slay her by cutting off her head and so was able to rescue his mother, Danae from King Polydectes. We enjoyed using pastels to create artwork of Medusa’s snake-haired head.

    We had great fun learning the Zorba which is a traditional Greek dance and then enjoyed a design challenge in the hall to create the marble temple dedicated to Athena known as the Parthenon. We had a time limit and had to use newspaper and cellotape. It was a fantastic day!



  • Groovy Greeks!

    Year 6 are really enjoying this dramatic retelling of the adventures of Odysseus. A fantastic version of Homer’s narrative. So far Odysseus has left his wife Penelope and his beloved Ithaca to travel the stormy seas. He has defeated the cyclops, feasted with mad King Aeolus and is about to encounter the Sirens.

    In maths, we have been revisiting place value, and the four number operations. Keep practising those times tables! We have been really focusing on excellent handwriting and learning the statutory spellings for years 5 and 6.

    Our Groovy Greeks topic started with research on how we learn about the past from beautiful paintings on Greek vases and pots. The archaeological record from vases has helped us to gain an understanding of Greek society. We have created our own pots using geometric patterns. Here are a sample of them to share with you. We hope to create 3d versions of them later on in the term.

  • Welcome to Year 6

    In order for parents and carers to better understand the expectations and learning taking place in Year 6 this year, we have put together a short presentation. Please watch the following video and feel free to contact your child’s class teacher should you have any further questions.