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Year 6 – Francesca Sanna

Welcome to Year 6!

Our Class Teacher is Luke and our Learning Support Assistants are Nazish and Alison.

Year 6 Knowledge Organisers

Please see our Knowledge Organisers for this Academic Year. These Knowledge Organisers are a snap shot of our learning that takes place in units of work across English, Maths, History / Geography and Science. Please use them at home to quiz your child on their learning and see how much knowledge they can remember.

Year 6 Family Learning Projects

Please see the Family Learning Projects for your child in Year 6. There is a Family Learning Project per half term and they are linked to our learning adventures in class. See how many of the tasks you and your family can complete.

From January, children will be receiving weekly Reading, Maths, Grammar and Spelling homework which will come home via their Home Learning Journals. This homework will replace the Family Learning Projects.

Year 6 Curriculum Leaflets

Please see our Curriculum Leaflets for this academic year. These Curriculum Leaflets aim to provide you with key information regarding your child’s learning and curriculum each half term.

  • Art Week in Year 6

    For our Art Week this term, Year 6 were exploring the work of Yinka Shonibare.

    Yinka is a London born, Nigerian artist who uses the technique of batiking to create installations that reflect traditional African patterns and colours. We started our Art Week learning about Yinka’s life and his inspirations before beginning to look at the concept of geometry and pattern he used in his work. We explored and evaluated some of Yinka’s pieces of art work before having a go at replicating some of the patterns that we may see in his work. We were able to use batik equipment to practice our batiking work before planning our own final patterns. Here you can see our work from the week …

  • Setting Story-boxes

    As part of our English and Geography work on mountains, in particular Mount Everest, we were exploring Hillary’s and Norgay’s expedition up Everest. We were thinking about the conditions that they faced as they climbed and how they would have been feeling on their journey. Using our inference and deduction skills, we thought about the setting, creating story boxes for for what we imagined the mountain to be like. Here you can see the story boxes we made …

  • First Aid Training

    As part of our work on developing personal development and our RSHE curriculum, Years 5 and 6 took part in First Aid Training this week. The children were taught about the importance of knowing first aid and being able to use first aid in a safe way. Our trainer spoke to us about when first aid may be needed and demonstrated to us how to complete first aid safely. We were taught to use the recovery position and CPR, should we ever need it. We discussed with our children what an important life skill this is and how they may need to use this knowledge throughout their lives. Here you can see us practicing what we have learned …

  • Expert Mountaineer

    As part of our Entry Point into our new geography topic of ‘Why are mountains so important?’, we were extremely lucky to have one of our parents, who has climbed Mount Everest, come in and speak to us about his experiences. He showed us a range of videos and photos and talked to us about how difficult yet rewarding his experience of climbing the mountain was. We heard about the kit needed to be able to climb and about the climate on the mountain. This gave us a really good opportunity to develop our knowledge of mountains. Here you can see us with our guest …

  • Fantastic Food Week in Y6

    For our school’s Food Week this week and to celebrate World Food Day on Friday 21st October, each class were given a continent and were set the challenge of designing and making a food item to reflect a country from the designated continent.

    Year 6 were given the continent Australasia and chose to focus on the ‘pavlova’. To our surprise, the pavlova was first created in Australia to welcome a visit from the famous ballerina, Anna Pavlova.

    We began our week by taste testing some pre-existing pavlovas, thinking about the potential ingredients, what it tasted like, what we liked and what we would change. We then completed some market research around which toppings would be most popular when making our own pavlovas. We then used this research to design our own pavlovas before making them ourselves and selling them at our food sale. Here you can see the process we completed …

  • Bikeability

    As part of Year 6’s personal development, some of our class have been taking part in Bikeability sessions. During these sessions, children have been considering their road awareness and how to safely ride on the road. They have been practicing their signalling and looking over their shoulder to see whether their is any oncoming traffic. Here you can see us practicing ….

  • Crucial Crew Visit

    On Monday 26th September 2022, Year 6 visited the local fire station to complete a ‘Crucial Crew’ workshop. The workshop was made up of different activities that were designed to teach the children about safety, making them more responsible and independent. The activities included;

    • Stranger Danger and Anti-social Behaviour
    • Fire hazards and fire safety
    • First Aid and the recovery position
    • Water safety
    • Road safety
    • Being aware of electrical hazards
    • Mental health and wellbeing

    The children were able to have first hand experiences of how to deal with some of these elements and how to keep safe. The children were provided with relevant and practical tips and strategies to support them with keeping safe and what to do if they are feeling unsafe. On returning to school, we discussed and reflected upon what we had learned and discussed creating our own support networks of how we can talk to if we feel unsafe. Here you can see us completing some of the activities …

  • Harry Potter Studio Tour

    As part of our work on enriching our pupil’s curriculum and bringing Literacy alive, our children were extremely keen to visit the making of Harry Potter at the Studio Tour in Leavesden.

    On arrival to the tour, the children took part in a ‘Magic Maths’ lesson whereby they were supported with thinking about maths was and is used when creating films. The children discussed needing to be able to use money to budget, buy props and materials and pay for actors and staff. They explored the need to understanding shape, space and measure to create sets and think about scaling props up or down dependent on the character. They also thought about needing to tell the time in order to complete filming in a given time frame. The children enjoyed seeing some of the props and costume up close and found it funny to see how big Hagrid’s trousers were!

    We then entered the tour itself whereby we got to see the different sets, props and costumes used in the making of Harry Potter. We all go to ride a broomstick and experience what this would feel like. We were able to hunt for Golden Snitches throughout the tour. We explored the Forbidden Forest and enjoyed walking through the Hogwarts Express at platform 9 and 3/4. We were able to see Gringotts Bank and the dragon really surprised us.

    The children had a fantastic experience and were able to see how a book can be the gateway to a whole new world. Many children gave use great feedback with one child saying “this has been the best day ever!”.

  • Exciting Learning Coming Soon ….

    Look back here soon to see all the learning that is taking place in our class.