During our whole school ‘Art Week’, we focused our learning on the artist Banksy!

First, we researched the artist and found out lots of information about who Banksy is, what inspires his work and where you would find his work. We could not believe his identity is anonymous!

Secondly, we looked at some of his artwork and discussed how it made us feel or any words that popped into our minds about his work. We discussed that lots of his work is political and most of the time he is trying to convey a message.

Thirdly, we tried some of the skills that Banksy uses in his artwork for example, spray painting and using a stencil.

Lastly, we made a final piece. This incorporated all the skills and learning from the week. We had to come up with our own stencil and used spray bottles to create a colourful back ground.

We absolutely loved this ‘Art Week’ and learnt so much about the artist Banksy and so many new skills.

Here are some photos from our fabulous week: