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Our Curriculum

Here at London Colney, our Curriculum is designed to inspire our children, creating awe, wonder and a love of learning. Using our Curriculum Drivers to underpin all we do, staff have tailored our curriculum so that our children have a range of opportunities and experiences to hone and develop their knowledge, skills and understanding, leading to a curriculum that is personalised and “is broad and balanced and inspires children to learn” (Hertfordshire Improvement Partner 2019).

We have carefully matched the National Curriculum (2014) to the International Primary Curriculum to develop and enhance units of work based around a theme that are current, relevant and meaningful to our pupils. We strongly believe in the ethos of pupil voice and the children taking ownership of their learning, meaning that pupils vote on the topic that they want to study each half term.

Each child has their own learning journal, designed by them, to display their learning in a creative way. Staff plan for effective and purposeful opportunities to apply their literary and mathematical skills across the curriculum and promoting a love of reading is one of our core values.

Throughout all aspects of our curriculum, our children are encouraged to foster a growth mindset and positive attitudes. Our learning super powers, developed by our children, help to support us all with learning to learn. Providing enrichment experiences forms part of our drivers and whether through trips, visitors or events, we strongly believe in providing concrete experiences for our children.