From 3rd September, London Colney Primary School will be reopening to all pupils.  Thorough and detailed risk assessments and measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of all our pupils, parents and staff is our first priority.  In preparation for a full school return, there are some key points that you need to be aware of to ensure that your child is safe.  Please be aware some details may change; we will keep you updated via the school website.

1. You must ensure that if anyone in your household has COVID-19 symptoms, your child
does NOT attend school.  Any child or staff member who develops symptoms during the
school day will be sent home immediately.  If anyone in your household, or your child, tests
positive for COVID-19 you MUST inform your school.

2. The government has advised walking or cycling to school wherever possible to reduce the
use of public transport.

3. Attendance at school will be compulsory for the vast majority of children.  The government
has relaxed the rules on attendance during lockdown.  However, this will change in
September.  The government guidance says: ‘Missing out on more time in the classroom risks
pupils falling further behind.  Those with higher overall absence tend to achieve less well in
both primary and secondary school.  School attendance will therefore be mandatory again
from the beginning of the autumn term.”  As of September, we will begin to follow our attendance policy, including sanctions for poor attendance.

4. Pupils and staff will not be wearing face coverings in school.  The government advice is
quite clear that this is not necessary.  If face coverings are used on public transport to get to
school, they must be removed and safely disposed of or stored before entry to the building.

5. Your child will be expected to follow strict behaviour rules relating to physical contact
with other pupils, and keeping their hands clean.  Pupils will be expected to wash their hands
regularly, and/or use hand sanitiser.

6. If your child has Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) Mrs Dembowicz will
contact you to explain what provision will look like from September.

7. Our school kitchen will be open in September, and lunches will be available as normal.  Pupils eligible for free school meals will return to having their lunch at school, and will no longer receive lunch vouchers.

8. In order to maintain social distancing during social times, the playground and field will be
zoned.  It will be really important that your child stays within the area that they are told to.

9. It will be more important than ever that your child has their own equipment in school to
ensure that this does not need to be shared.  Each child will be provided with a set of
equipment; please do not send pencil cases into school.

10. Pupils will be expected to wear school uniform.

11. There will be staggered starts and endings to the school day.  The playground gates will
open at 8.45am.  Please use the playground and the car park space to help maintain social

Here is our plan:
We need to ensure we have staggered start and end times to the day.  It is important parents
do not gather at school gates. There will be a one way system into school and all parents
need to exit through the car park.

Year Group Entrance Exit at end of the day Start Time Finish Time
Nursery and Reception EYFS Gate EYFS Gate 9.30am 2.30pm
Year 1 and Year 3 Pedestrian Gate Pedestrian Gate 8.45am 3.00pm
Year 2 and Year 4 Pedestrian Gate Middle Gate 8.45am 3.00pm
Year 5 and Year 6 Pedestrian Gate Pedestrian Gate 8.45am 3.15pm

Children will be allowed a school bag but please do limit what they bring in from home.  They
will only need to have a reading book and homework in the bag.  Children can bring in their
own water bottle.
We understand that some of you and your children will be anxious about returning in
September, after some months out of school.  Please be reassured that we are taking
exceptional measures to make our school as safe as can be.  We will be providing additional
emotional and wellbeing support for all pupils, and will also be providing additional
opportunities to support learning where this is required.  Although very many of our pupils
have worked hard using our remote learning resources provided by our dedicated teachers,
we are fully aware that some learning has been lost.  We are all determined that your sons
and daughters will absolutely not be ‘a lost generation’ and we’re adapting our curriculum to
make sure that they get the learning and knowledge that they need to achieve success in the

Useful website link for parents, with lots of information available in many languages to help you: