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Year 3 Assembly

  Last week, we proudly held a class assembly for the whole school and our family members. During the assembly we shared with our audience some of the wonderful things we have been learning about in school. We sung many songs and showed some fantastic work that we have produced. At the end, we sat …

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Queen Jubilee celebrations

To celebrate the Queen’s platinum jubilee, we learnt about London, the Queen and about how role as a Queen. In school, we had a jubilee picnic and wore colours of the Union Jack flag .

The British Museum

To round up our History learning this year, Year 3 visited The British Museum. We got to explore many exhibitions all about money, clocks, The Romans, The Ancient Greeks, The Ancient Egyptians and the Islamic World. We had so much fun being historians for the day! Look at the mummies we saw…  

Our ducklings experience

Once hatched, the ducklings were gently moved into a ‘brooding’ unit, a lovely warm area where they could dry out, gather their strength and rest for a couple of days. They settled in comfortably and were cared for by the staff and the children.  Once they were strong enough , the  children were allowed to …

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Little ducklings

Unfortunately, today we lost a duckling.  However, the other ducklings are doing very well and starting to eat, play with their water and practising their waddling around their unit. The eldest  duck (Jemina) is already showing signs of being a climber and starting to flap the wings. Then this afternoon, the children were able to …

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We now have 4 !

On Wednesday morning, as I opened our classroom door; I was welcomed to lots of chirping  sounds.  The ducklings were gently moved into a ‘brooding’ unit, a lovely warm area where they can dry out, gather their strength and practice eating and drinking. We are awaiting the arrival of the 5th egg to hatch.

The Little Miracles Arrived

The eggs had already been partly incubated while at the farm, so in no time at all, tiny ‘cheeping’ noises could be heard from the eggs as they began pecking away at the egg shells, from the inside. It was absolutely magical for the children to hear. Yesterday, before I left, I was able to …

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Junk Music Orchestra

As part of our drive to provide our pupils with enriching experiences, we arranged for EYFS and KS1 to take part in a ‘Junk Music Orchestra’. This orchestra, led by the Junk Music Man, gave children the opportunity to listen to and respond to a piece of created music, explore different musical elements such as …

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Our Reading Cafes

As part of our pledge to develop a love of reading, we recently held our first ‘Reading Cafes’. During these, parent and carers had the opportunity to come and have breakfast with their child / children and share some of their favourite stories. Don’t worry if you did not manage to attend this time around …

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In  November, as a school we took part in Maths Week 2021! The aim of Maths Week is to raise the profile of Maths throughout the school and enable all children to access interesting mathematical experiences.  Our Maths lessons this week were engaging, fun and practical! Below is an explanation from each class teacher about …

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