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Roman Curse Tablets

In our Crime and Punishment learning adventure, we discovered that in the Roman times (43 to 410 AD) there was no police force. Unfortunately, if the victim was unable to catch the criminal themselves and bring them to court, there was little hope of justice. Therefore, the victims often turned to the Roman gods for …

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Crime Scene Investigators

WARNING! POLICE CRIME SCENE – DO NOT ENTER On Wednesday 11th September, Year 6 became Crime Scene Investigators in order to solve the mystery of the missing dog! We returned after lunch to find our classroom trashed and no sign of Archie (the French bulldog). However, we spotted a series of clues that we knew …

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Chocolate Tasting

Chocolate tasting in Y4 ….

Kingswood Residential Trip

We are having a great time away…

Year 6 Trip to Crucial Crew

Year 6 children took part in Crucial Crew at St Alban’s Fire Station

Meet Harry our Nurture & Reading Dog

My name is Harry … I work as a nurture & reading dog