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What Makes Us Special?

We have been thinking lots about belonging and what makes us special …

Identifying Species – Using our powers of observation

In Science this half term, we are learning all about plants. We have spent some time thinking about how plants grow and what they need to survive. Last week we even started our own sunflower growing competition! This week we have been using our observation skills to identify different species of tree. By looking very …

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Wellbeing Week

For the first week back after Easter we all spent the week focussing on our mental health and wellbeing! We spent as much of our time as school outside as we could and enjoyed many different activities that allowed us to be creative and have tons of fun! One of our favourite activities was creating …

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Scavenger Hunt

All about maps

Year 1’s Art Week

Last week was Art week and each class chose an artist to study and learn about. In Jellyfish class, we researched and learnt about a famous American Artist called Sam Gilliam. We spent time looking at Sam Gilliam’s art work and discussed our likes, dislikes and ideas about his art. Here are some of our …

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Acorn Gathering and Counting

As a part of our Maths lessons, we completed some outdoor learning. We we went out onto the field and practised counting using natural materials. As a class, we ended up collecting over 700 acorns! We now use those acorn to help us with our counting inside the classroom.  

Parent Reps

Year 1 are looking for 2 Parent Reps. We are looking for two parents that would be willing to represent our class. A Parent Rep’s Jobs include: Helping the class teacher with parent involvement in class activities and events. Help organise class social activities. Welcome new parents. Support in class with reading where you can. …

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Welcome to Year 1

In order for parents and carers to better understand the expectations and learning taking place in Year 1 this year, we have put together a short presentation. Please watch the following video and feel free to contact your child’s class teacher should you have any further questions.