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Community Champions

Here at London Colney, we believe in creating strong links with our community – locally, nationally and world wide! We aim to be able to support the people around us and give back to our community in any ways that we can, helping us to develop our sense or social responsibility and citizenship.

  • What Makes Us Special?

    After returning from a long period of home learning, we wanted to reflect on the idea of belonging and what makes each and everyone of us special. We have had lots of discussions in class about what makes us unique and how we can celebrate being the same and different. This resulted in us having a Family Learning Project whereby we were asked to create ‘Special Boxes’. In these boxes, we added things that make us special. We displayed our boxes in our school for everyone to see and these have helped us to know more about each other and what helps us to belong …

  • Exploring the Past and Linking to the Present

    As part of our ‘Community Champions’ work at school, we have made links to Osbourne Court Elderly Home. Our Year 3 class recently wrote letters to the residents, explaining and discussing their experiences of what school is like now. These letters were added to a book and presented to the residents who read them and were extremely happy to hear from some of our children. They wrote back to us to tell us about what their school experiences were like and how schools may have been different in the past. Here you can see some of our letters and responses ….