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EYFS – Sea Horses and Manta Rays

Welcome to our Early Years Foundation Stage

Our Class Teacher is Kieran Butterworth. Our Lead Practitioner is Domenica Torrano and our learning Support Assistants are Lisa Smith and Evie Harwood-Stamper.

  • Reception’s Welly Well-being Week

    What an exciting first week back to school we have had!


    This week, the children have been taking part in lots of outdoor activities to help promote a healthy mind and body.  There was a wide range of activities that Reception took part in.

    We had so much fun taking our learning outside and engaging in new and different tasks and activities.


    Reception took part in:

    • Fire building
    • Creating faces and people out of natural materials
    • Nature hunt
    • Team building games
    • creating kindness key-rings


    Below you can see some pictures of what we got up to this week…

  • Nursery Spring Term Learning


  • Lockdown Learning

    During lockdown, Manta Rays class have been working extremely hard! They have been doing the absolute best in these difficult times and have been staying positive throughout.

    In Maths, we have been looking at estimating, comparing, more and less than. To help us with more and less than, we created a character called Colin the Crocodile. All the children created their own one to help them with deciding which symbol they needed to use. Below are some pictures of children’s more and less than work.

    In English, we have been looking at the story Naughty Bus. The children have been writing character descriptions, retelling parts of the story through drama and writing, creating story maps and then finally creating a new part of the story.

    Our Topic this term has been Vehicles. We have been looking at different types of vehicles, what vehicles are used for and how some vehicles are made. Below are some pictures of the children’s work. They have been drawing pictures of cars and labelling the different parts, they have then been designing their own vehicle.


    At the beginning of term, we has Art week and each class chose an artist to learn about. In Reception, we chose to learn about Alma Thomas. 

    We researched the art work of Alma Thomas and discussed what we liked, disliked and what her work looked like. Here are some of the pieces we looked at:

    Throughout the week, we looked at the skills and techniques Alma Thomas used to create her art work. We used her work to inspire our own art. Here is some of our work that we created:

    At the end of the week, we produced our final piece. For this, the children used pencils, pens, chalk and crayons to create and colour their art work.

    The children all worked really hard and took their time to make their final piece.

  • World Science Day!

    To celebrate World Science Day, Reception completed fun scientific experiments and activities throughout the day. As part of this, we got the chance to speak to a STEM representitive who was a Construction Site Manager. We learnt lots about his job role and his day to day routine. The children asked lots of questions and we found out how a Construction Site Manager helps our society.



    We completed an experiment that looked at what happens when different colours mix together and also how water travelled from one cup to another.


    We had different coloured water in four cups and then empty cups in-between these. We then put kitchen roll in each of the cups. We then watched as the coloured water travelled up the kitchen roll and into the empty cups. The different coloured water then mixed together to make another colour.


    We learnt about primary colours and what colours you can make when you mix two of them together. We also learnt about how the water is absorbed by the tissue and travels through the tissue and into the empty cup. We also learnt about making predictions and testing them.

    The children really enjoyed this science experiment and were amazed when the colours mixed together.

  • Witches and Wizards

    In Reception we have been looking at the story Room On The Broom. Our theme has been focused around Witches and Wizards.

    In PE, our focus has been gymnastics and looking at different ways of moving. In on session we looked at how each of the characters from our story would move. The children worked together and discussed the different ways they thought each character could move around the hall.

    During child initiated learning, the children have been dressing up as Witches and Wizards and have enjoyed making potions and creating magic spells in our witches den. They have been using the role play area to retell the story of Room On The Broom.

    We have also been making our own magic wands. The children designed their wands and created them independently.

    On the last day of term, all the children received a certificate which congratulated them on passing their Witches and Wizards training.

  • Autumn walk

    All the children have settled into Reception very well. We have been completing lots of different activities and learning.

    This week we have been learning and talking about Autumn. We went on an Autumn walk around the school field and discussed what we could see, hear, smell and feel. The children also collected different natural materials from the field for us to look at and talk about. They will be using the materials to create pictures and paintings with them over the next few weeks.


  • Welcome to Reception

    In order for parents and carers to better understand the expectations and learning taking place in Reception this year, we have put together a short presentation. Please watch the following video and feel free to contact your child’s class teacher should you have any further questions.