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Year 1 – Nathan Bryon

Welcome to Year 1!

Our Class Teacher is Alison Baskerville and our Learning Support Assistants are Lisa Smith and Natalie Jewell.

  • Let’s Investigate …

    Year 1 have been busy learning about the properties of materials.  One of our class teddies had a hole in his umbrella, so we had to investigate which material was the most waterproof so that we could help teddy to fix his brolly. we investigated which material by pouring water onto each material. We worked together so well in groups. Our results showed us that plastic was the most waterproof material.
    In maths, we have been practising our number sense. In pairs, we played a game where we had to choose a card and our partner had to say the number which was one more. We really enjoyed playing this game and we were learning lots too.
  • Year 1 explore materials and numbers

    We have been very scientific in Year 1 this term. We have looked at properties of materials and grouped them according to whether they are wood, plastic, metal or glass.  We used magnets to explore our outdoor garden  to see which objects were attracted to the magnet.


    We have been exploring numbers during maths using tens frames, counters and writing the numbers.


  • Exciting Learning Coming Soon ….

    Look back here in September to see all our exciting learning for 2021 – 2022.