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Year 5 – Ibtihaj Muhammad

Welcome to Year 5!

Our Class Teacher is Orlaith McVeigh and our Learning Support Assistant is Emma Smith.

  • Persevering in PSHE

    This week in our Jigsaw lessons, we have been focusing on working together as part of a team.  We were given one sheet of paper, one glue stick and a pair of scissors.  We were tasked with building the tallest tower out of these materials. After thinking the task was impossible, each group pulled together, persevered and completed the challenge.

  • Let’s Investigate

    In science we have been finding out what happens to different materials when they are mixed with water.  Today we were investigating what happens when you mix skittles with water.  Look at what we found ….

  • Exploring the local river.

    Our geography focus this half term is on rivers.  We took a trip to our local river to carry out a field study.  We enjoyed going for a walk along it and measuring the width and the depth.

  • Getting Theatrical

    We have been exploring different emotions through role play.  Can you guess what emotion we are displaying from our facial expressions?

  • Exciting Learning Coming Soon ….

    Look back here in September to see all our exciting learning for 2021 – 2022.