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Year 5 – Ibtihaj Muhammad

Welcome to Year 5!

Our Class Teacher is Jess and our Learning Support Assistants are Leila and Charlotte.

Year 5 Knowledge Organisers

Please see our Knowledge Organisers for this Academic Year. These Knowledge Organisers are a snap shot of our learning that takes place in units of work across English, Maths, History / Geography and Science. Please use them at home to quiz your child on their learning and see how much knowledge they can remember.

Year 5 Family Learning Projects

Please see the Family Learning Projects for your child in Year 5. There is a Family Learning Project per half term and they are linked to our learning adventures in class. See how many of the tasks you and your family can complete.

Year 5 Curriculum Leaflets

Please see our Curriculum Leaflets for this academic year. These Curriculum Leaflets aim to provide you with key information regarding your child’s learning and curriculum each half term.

  • Forces in science

    In our topic of forces in science, we learnt about gravity and how it pulls objects towards the centre of the Earth.
    We dropped objects onto our “Earth” (made up of flour with a chocolate crust!) and measured the size of the crater.
    We concluded that the more mass an object has, the more gravity there is.
  • Early Islamic civilisation

    During our topic on the early Islamic civilisation, we learnt about the Silk Road and how Baghdad were in a good position meaning they could trade goods with either side.
    We made our own Silk Road and each group were its own country. We learnt that being on the end was a disadvantage as you could not negotiate goods. The children displayed some excellent negotiation and teamwork skills. You can clearly see which groups won!
  • Mental Health Week

    As part of Mental Health Week, we took part in a range of activities to understand what well-being is and how we can look after it.
    Here are some photos of Year 5 playing bingo to get to find out things they have in common with their friends. We also created our own posters to teach others how to look after their well-being.
  • Year 5 – Art

    In Year 5, we studied the work of Yulia Brodskaya, a Russian artist whose work focuses on paper folding. We started off learning about Yulia and looking at examples of her work. Then, we learnt how to fold paper in four ways and practised this by imitating one of her pieces. We then finished off by planning and creating self-portraits in Yulia’s style.

  • Harry Potter trip!

  • Exciting Learning Coming Soon ….

    Look back here soon to see all the learning that is taking place in our class.