Witches and Wizards

In Reception we have been looking at the story Room On The Broom. Our theme has been focused around Witches and Wizards.

In PE, our focus has been gymnastics and looking at different ways of moving. In on session we looked at how each of the characters from our story would move. The children worked together and discussed the different ways they thought each character could move around the hall.

During child initiated learning, the children have been dressing up as Witches and Wizards and have enjoyed making potions and creating magic spells in our witches den. They have been using the role play area to retell the story of Room On The Broom.

We have also been making our own magic wands. The children designed their wands and created them independently.

On the last day of term, all the children received a certificate which congratulated them on passing their Witches and Wizards training.