Hot Seating, Freeze Frames and Conscience Alley!

In Year 6, we love using drama to help us with our writing. Our focus text Varmints has enabled us to incorporate lots of different drama techniques into our English lessons.

One week, we wrote a persuasive letter in our English lessons to persuade the character in our focus text Varmints to make a decision about whether he should leave for the place above or stay where he currently is. At the start of the week, we used a conscience alley to help us to verbalise arguments that we can use in our writing to persuade the character to make a decision.  One side came up with arguments for leaving for the place above and the other side came up with arguments for staying where he is.

The following weeks, we used freeze frame (outside) to really get into the mind-set of the character and to show how a character is feeling or acting in certain situations. One week, we used hot seating which enabled us to think about questions we wanted to ask the characters. Our characters in the hot seats did very well to stay in role!

We love incorporating drama into our English lessons, here is the photo of our conscience alley, freeze frames and hot seating!