Mountain, Volcano and Earthquake Entry Point!

For our Topic Entry Point in Year 6, we made our own mountains out of clay. We found out the tallest mountain of each continent and put them in order from tallest to smallest. We actually used our knowledge of place value to help us order the large numbers.

The largest mountain is Mount Everest in Asia which is 29,0219ft and the smallest is Kosciusko in Australia which is 7,310ft.

With our learning partner we made the mountains out of clay, let them dry and then painted them carefully. We thought about whether the summit of some mountains would be covered in snow and ice. We made sure we painted that part white to represent the snow and ice as we know it coldest part of the mountain!

We loved creating the mountains and finding out what the tallest mountain in each continent is. We are excited for learning about our topic over this half term.

Here are some images of us creating our mountains and the final outcome!