Today we raised money for the charity NSPCC whilst celebrating numbers! To celebrate the day and get into the spirit we dressed up as anything to do with a number. We then a full day of just MATHS MATHS MATHS!

We started off the day by learning how to find the area and perimeter of a shape – we used starbursts to help us!

Next we learnt how to find the position and direction of shapes on a grid.  We played a fun game describing a shape to our partners using the coordinates given, we then had to plot the shape on a grid, we had to make sure our partner wasn’t looking! By the end of the lesson, we got the hang of how to find and position shapes on a grid. We really enjoyed playing this game!

After lunch, we all took part in a Kahoot quiz on our Ipads.  The quiz was all to do with the Maths topics we have covered in Year 6 so far. We were very competitive during the quiz – it was great fun.

 Finally, we all played a game of bingo with large numbers up to a 10 million to see who could win a prize.

Please see below some pictures from our fun filled Number Day!