This half term has been completely Cosmic!

Yet another fantastic term in Year 5! A big well done to everyone for being so resilient and working so hard.

We have spent the last couple of weeks reading our class book ‘Cosmic’ by Frank Cottrell Boyce. We have all loved the story of Liam, who pretends to be a Dad, and Florida and their adventures in China and space. In English we have been developing our persuasive writing techniques. We have drafted and published information leaflets persuading visitors to come to Infinity Park, and written letters to one of the main characters Dr Drax, to try and convince her that Liam be the rightful winner of the Best Dad Competition.

In Science, we have learned about Earth and Space. It was so interesting to find out why we have day and night as well as the seasons. We learned that this all has to do with the tilt of the Earth on it’s own axis and how it orbits the Sun.

We have been working hard in Maths, consolidating the four operations. We have learned different methods for solving multiplication and division problems.